[]Ajira Kimbwetani project

Posted on , by Binti Makini Foundation
Duration: 12 Jan, 2020 - 15 May, 2023
Location: Tanzania
Status: In Progress
The project named Ajira Kimbwetani aims to encourage University students to use Vimbweta as an opportunity to bring them together and think beyond academic issues especially life after college and thus design joint projects that will help to solve the employment problem. 

Breaking the berries to build the society girls want to see Society has grown to consider girls not being able to do some work that men do and we want to get rid of those negative attitudes by showing that GIRLS can do things that seem masculine.

  • To control the problem of sextortion for girls who are struggling to find employment opportunities after graduation
  • To awaken girls' curiosity, their dreams of independence, and ideas of entrepreneurship as well as leadership motivation Linking girls with self-employed people and succeeding at an early age
  • To reduce the sense of dependence on girls and create a spirit of self-employment in University students 

What we do
Making different types of furniture such as making Kitenge Sofa to show the difference from others but also to show more creativity Pillows are also one of the products made by Binti Makini as decoration pieces with high quality and unique shapes. We make cultural decor that can be used, in homes, offices, and other places and our decor is different from others.

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